Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Unlock Profits With Keyword

High demand and low competition equals profits from your website. But how do you find the key, as in keywords, to unlock those profits and make money online?

High demand means there are people looking for information about your niche, the more people, the more potential visitors. The more visitors your site receives, the higher the probability that you'll make a sale or your ads will be clicked.

Low competition means you aren't fighting for attention with thousands of other sites for these visitors.

A third ingredient necessary for website success is choosing a niche that advertisers are willing to pay for. You can have a lot of traffic and not a lot of competition, but if there are few advertisers who want to advertise for those keywords it will be difficult to make much money. Additionally the more advertisers for the keyword the more competition between the advertisers and the more money they'll be willing to pay per click. That's good news for you.

So let's get started. Brainstorm a list of key words for your site. At this point the words can be general. Search engines find websites/blogs/squidoo lenses through key words and key word phrases. Think about the last time you searched on Google, what were the words you put in to find the information you wanted? Now if someone were looking for your book what words would they use? Long tail key words are phrases that narrow down the number of websites that would be appropriate.

Go to https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal
Click on the Key Word Variations tab type in your key word phrases and then hit "Get More Keywords" button. You'll receive a list of your word(s) and related words with a graphical bar which represents how often those words were searched for.

You can also to the Google tool bar and type in different key word phrases. A drop down menu will show you how many sites include those words.

For example: Enter "cheap wedding ring." There are 75,000 matches. On the right hand side of the page count the number of Google ads associated with that phrase. If there are only one or two it means advertisers aren't willing to pay for ads. If there are 15 or 20 or more, it means they are.

Now look at the plural "cheap wedding flowers." There are only 36,000 matches so less competition than the singular dress but there's about the same number of advertisers.

Key in "cheap wedding ring" and the matches drop to 11,000, even less competition. Oddly "cheap wedding ring," the plural has more competition.

So if your site is related to wedding dresses you would want to include "cheap wedding flowers" as one of your key word phrases.

Use the key words in the meta tags of your web page. Also include the phrase as the first header on the page and then at least 3 or 4 more times in the content of the page. Search engines determine how your page relates to search requests by looking at the meta tags, the header and in the content.

You also use key word phrases as titles for articles you write that are distributed to directories. Search Engines tend to rank articles highly, and while it can be a struggle to get a web page on the first page of Google, articles have an easier time.

For example: Let's say one of your key word phrases is "how to raise guppies." You write an article about raising guppies. The title of the article is something like "How to Raise Earnings: 5 Tips." You use the key word phrase once in the first paragraph, once in the middle of the article and in the closing paragraph. You then submit the article to directories. If someone is searching for 'how to raise guppies' your article will show up. They click on the article and then click on your website in your author's bio box at the end of the article.

Knowing how to use keywords can help you make money online.
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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Dollar In Your Pocket and Dream

That’s the least you need to start your own online business. Well, that’s what I started with and it doesn’t have to be different with you.

In today’s Information Age, we are bless to have such wonderful opportunities right at our fingertips. A brick and mortar business can cost you thousands of dollars to get off the ground, where as an online business can cost you zero dollars to start.

There are many companies that you can sign up and sell their products and services for a commission. They provide marketing tools, tracking software and product links all free of cost to you. You can then market for free through classified ads, articles and forums.

At sometime you will realize that you will need to invest some money in your online business to help speed up it’s growth. As they say there is no free lunch, because all these stuff are available for free that does not means your success is also free. Your dollars will be well spent and will give you a more professional appearance.

For example, I know webmasters that purchase domain names just to market their affiliate products. I have seen people like Willie Crawford published an article with a web link embedded in it which redirects you to TheRichJerk.com. This is clearly an affiliate link presented in a professional format. And that domain may have cost Mr. Crawford just a few bucks.

Sorry if I have let any cat out of the bag but that’s the way these people are making things happen. Here in my homeland of Jamaica, many are bewildered when I show them how easy it can be for them to start their own online business.

They are even more startled when they learn that they can set up a free website through Geocities or a free blog with Blogger and create a source of income. They can place pay per click ads or affiliate links on them and make some mail box money.

With economies around the world so unstable, it is imperative that you seek to create a stable source or multiple sources of income. And in today’s world the easiest way to do so is with your own online business. All you need to start is a dollar in your pocket and a dream.
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Friday, March 13, 2009

Easy Backlinks With Dapur Promo

One way to get backlinks is exchange links with other blog/web owner.But,sometimes you cannot get backlinks because owner of that blog too busy or never updating their blog/web.

Now,with simple and easy ways you can get 100 backlinks only for $5.Links that you submitted never gone and permanently on their integrated blogs.With Dapur Promo Premium you can get:

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How to submit my links because the owner using Indonesian Languange and i cannot speak Indonesian?
That's not a problem.Because i'm person who take care of that blogs.Simple ways to submit links:
-Send me an e-mail that contain your:

-Paypal id/e-mail
-web/blog url (links)
-Definition about that web/blogs.

And send it to nickohadiperdana@gmail.com

After your send e-mail and receive an confirmation e-mail from me,send $5 to Paypal id : nickohadiperdana@gmail.com and sent confirmation again that you've sent $5 via e-mail or put an comment on this post.Your blog/web will be showed up in 2x 24 Hours(Max)

Thanks you

Nicko Hadi Perdana
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